Monday, November 1, 2010

My Halloween Weekend including Salem, MA

Spider Cupcake at the Scarecrow Festival

Pumpkin Armada

Our Jack-O-Lanterns that my kids designed.

Frankenstein and his bride

Beaker & Elmo

The back of someone's head.

Devil Dog

The puppet master and his dancing monkey

Robot & monster?

Bert & Elmo

Elmo, Elmo, & Cookie Monster

Large headed witch

My oldest son in a coffin

Elmo & Lobster Man


Dragon  person?

We saw these ladies last year to.  They are from a video game.

Alice in Wonderland
With a teletubby, Elmo, and a clown near by

Killer Teletubbies

If you haven't guessed, my youngest son was Elmo.  He was very popular.  A lot of people wanted to have their picture taken with him.  He was also filmed by the t.v. station.  After all of that walking, we rushed back home to go trick-or-treating with friends.

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

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