Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winterfest, Winter Rest

I had a table set up at the UU Church for Winterfest from 9 am - 2 pm today. I showed people how to make things out of recycled materials.
-make yarn from plastic bags (with examples of knitted and crochet tote bags)
-make a wreath from plastic shopping bags and coke bottle caps
-things from juice pouches (the notebook being the easiest to make)
-t-shirt bags
-blue jean purse
-I had a change purse made from potato chip bags (like a gum chain)
-notebooks from cardboard boxes
-pencil holder made from plastic soda bottles
-file box made from a cereal box
-fused plastic bags turned into small bags (good for produce)

How tos can be found through or
-Creative Juice: juice pouch notebooks
-Craft Lab: potato chip bag purse
-Carol Duval: How to make yarn from plastic bags
-Also Martha Stewart shows how to make bags from t-shirts
You can also do a Google search and find directions, or just ask me. I can give directions or links on here if anyone is interrested. Just let me know. On a previous post I explained how to make a juice pouch notebook.

Anyway... There weren't as many people there as there was last year. I enjoyed showing people how to make things out of recycled materials. When everyone is trying to save money, it's nice to be able to make a present for little to no money. Make a gift out of a recycled item, and save money, help our planet, and give a very unique gift. Not enough hand made gifts are given anymore. Those are the most treasured gifts in my opinion.

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