Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mouse toy & dish cloth

Yesterday someone gave me some extra yarn that they had. One was Red Heart acrylic yarn in the Royal (blue) colorway. I really enjoyed making the pigs and wanted to make another animal without having to go shopping for more yarn. I found this knitted mouse pattern in "Knitted & Felted Toys" by Zoe Halstead. My husband had bought it for me some time last year and I had never made anything from it. The mouse was one of the few patterns in there where it did not matter what color yarn you used. I knitted it while watching tv last night. My toddler seems to like it.
With this dish cloth, I knit it from corner to corner. I cast on 1 stitch, then knit that stitch. I knit into the front ant back loops of each end for every other row. The alternate rows were just knit in every stitch. When I decided to decrease, I knit 2 together in place of the increases. Between this dish cloth and the other one, I ran out of this yarn before I could finish this project. I had a striped green yarn and I used that on the bottom corner.

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