Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Color Swirl Bag and Peppermint Candies

Disney Adventures' mini challenge this month is the world of Sugar Rush from the Wreck-It Ralph movie.  I love that movie, and I love that world.  Both of these projects were inspired by that challenge.
I loved making this pattern so much that I started making this bag as soon as I finished my other bag.   I used Bernat's cotton yarn (Mango Madness) and size 8 needles (dpns and 16" circulars).  This one is even larger than my other one (34 stitches per dpn at the base ).  I love it.  It is a great size, and I can't wait to use it and show it off.  For this one I did not use any stitch holders, because the circulars held onto the the stitches that I wasn't working with just fine.  I actually made most of one of the handles while watching the Lego movie at the theater.  This bag took about 5 days to make.  There is a lot of mindless knitting involved, which is something I look for these days (since I am crocheting more).
Do you need a quick and easy project to make?  One that can be used for a Christmas present?  Well these peppermint candies are perfect.  Here is the free pattern.  They took me no time at all to make.  Don't let the amount fool you, because I actually made 8 peppermint circles and then I sewed 2 of them together to get 4 finished candies.  I think that it would look great to fill a glass bowl or vase with them. They can also be turned into earrings, used as buttons, glued to barrettes, or even used as tires on a "candy" car.  I used a size F hook and Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn (colors 9601 red and 208 white).  This pattern is also good for learning how to change colors cleanly.

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