Monday, February 3, 2014

New Sketchbook, New Zentangle

Yesterday I drew this zentangle, then today I shaded it.  Its nice to be drawing again.  I enjoyed the shading process.  It's something that I haven't done since college.  Yesterday morning I went to Michael's and discovered that they were having a great sale on sketchbooks.  I picked up two.  I loved the one with the cork cover, but then I got a plain black for some reason to.  I'm not sure why.... Until I got home and my 6 year old saw me drawing.  He said, "I wish I had a sketchbook like that and a pen like that."  He was really happy to immediately get a sketchbook and a nice pen, however he did not use the pen right and it somehow exploded all over his hand.  I bought him a 10 color ball point pen set today, because he spent all day yesterday drawing.  He was trying to copy my drawing.  He even took his sketchbook to school incase they had indoor recess (it's snowing right now, so they might).  My husband loves that we have things like this available for our children, and that they show interests in it.  Today is also my oldest son's first day of art class (its a new term at his school).  I just realized that my youngest has art today to, lol.  With zentangle, I'm enjoying learning the different patterns and how they were meant to be done freehanded and not with a ruler.  

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