Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blue Bird "Fat Bag"

On the 3rd Disney Adventures (on ravelry) started a mini challenge (a 10 day crafting challenge).  We needed to make something inspired by Pixar's short film "For The Birds."  You can click on the link to watch the film.  I went through a bunch of patterns when I saw a free pattern for a fat bag.  I thought that the bag's pleats looked a little like feathers draping from a bird's chest.  I grabbed a large skein of blue cotton yarn from my stash and started making it right away.  I forgot to photograph it, but I also used some blue and white fabric from my stash to line it.  I lined it before I crochet the top ban and the handles (which is what the pattern recommends).  

Just to make sure that this bag screamed "For The Birds" in my submission I crochet 2 bird appliques.  I love that their wings are hearts, so I call them my blue love birds.  I then sewed one to each side of the bag.  They really finished the bag nicely.  Here is the free pattern for the birds.  

I used about 500 yards to make this bag (I'm guessing based on the amount of yarn leftover).   After making it, I now want to make one using softer yarn.  I wonder how it would look with bulky yarn.

Now I've earned my first badge of the year.  

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