Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Block of the Month and Illusion Cloths

Yesterday I made the next 2 blocks for an afghan that I'm working on with my crochet block of the month class.  These are my sample blocks for the class, but they will become an afghan to.  This is the book that we are working from.  Last night was my first crochet block of the month class, and it went well.  We worked on block #48 and went over #49.  The blocks start with #48.  There are 30 blocks in total.
One of the challenges in the Disney Adventures group this month is to do illusion crafting.  I've made a few knitted illusion cloths before, but I had not tried the crochet ones until this month.  I made this crochet illusion heart cloth in one day.  Crochet really is fast.  Here is the free ravelry downloadable pattern for it.
Then I couldn't resist knitting a Mickey Mouse illusion cloth.  The knitted illusion cloth is more hidden than the crochet one.   Here is the free pattern for it.  I thought that it was rather small, so I did a log cabin border in black around it.

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