Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Last Friday I started making a crochet ribbed hat.  It is a very easy pattern that I hand out to my students usually just after they learn how to crochet.  This one will be for display at my job (at my local yarn shop).   I think that it will be a child's sized hat.  I'm about half way through it.
Last Friday night I took a double knitting class taught by Judith Durant.  You might be familiar with some of her books, the one skein series.  After 2 hours I had 3 rows of the scarf finished.  Thankfully I was able to pick up the pace and really grasp it in the 3rd hour, and I had 8 rows finished by the end of class.  I haven't touched it since though, because I've been busy with other projects.  This is going to be a long term project.  I'm really happy that I took the class, because now I have a complicated knitting technique in my tool box.
Last Tuesday I started the Bee's Knees bag.  I've only worked on it during my Tuesday knitting class.  There is one noticeable mistake in it, but at least its at the bottom of the bag.  This pattern is made using magic loop, and it has cables along the front and back of it.  Here is the free pattern for it.


I haven't really had time to work on my log cabin or 10 stitch afghans this week.  I want to, but other things need to be worked on first.  I am also working on a Valentine's crochet box with my Saturday class.  It's still in it's beginning stage, and I prefer not to share it at the moment.  I finished the first blue square of the crochet block of the month, and it is being blocked right now.

I feel incredibly busy these days between my classes, driving all over the place for my kids, helping my youngest son with his homework, trying to keep up with the housework, and my other responsibilities.  Basically when I get 1 hour of free time (or more), I really take advantage of it.  

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