Friday, November 6, 2009

Hand Quilting

I've been trying to hand quilt a block a night. This quilt is about queen size. It's the "Steps to the Stars" quilt for my grandma. This quilt was 90% from my stash. I had to buy one fat quarter, because I ran out of the orange fabric and needed more. I also had to buy the batting.

I also made a matchbook notebook from a Coke 12 pack box. I went to my town's recycling comity meeting tonight. One of the comity members was collecting items made from recycled materials. They will be made into a prize basket for a lucky person in the the town who has made an environmental pledge. I'm not sure when the drawing for the basket will take place. I also brought in a small juice pouch purse for the basket.

I'll also be donating another juice pouch purse soon. A local church here is having a winter sale to raise money. I'm donating a Christmas theme purse. I used red and green juice pouches and a red, green, and white ribbon with snowflakes on it for the handle. I might also hold a workshop there on how to make plastic bag wreaths. The wreaths made in the workshop will be sold to raise money for the church.

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