Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bottle Cap Garland & Jean Repair

My collection of clear & white bottle caps.

Punch a hole on 2 sides of the bottle caps.

String the bottle caps together & you have garland for your yard.

My blue jeans go through a lot. This pair not only is all ragged at the bottoms from stepping on them, but they were tearing up the back. I decided to go with it. I tore them both a bit more up the back middle. Each leg having the same length tear. I found this fabric in my stash. It looks like denim and it is woven on a twill like denim. I sewed two triangle pieces so that the raw edges were hidden. Then I sewed it to the jeans making sure that it made a triangle shape. It is very subtle. Hopefully this will help them last longer.


  1. what a great Idea those bottle cabs. I put an other pot in the kitchen for them.

  2. I love that a regular hole punch works on them. It makes crafting with them easier.