Friday, November 20, 2009

Crafty News

It feels like there is a never ending list of things to do and to make these days. Not a bad thing, but it can be overwhelming. I just have to follow the order that things need to be done by.

Last Friday was a big night for me. We taped 2 tv shows that night. Getting ready for them, both with supplies and with performance, is a lot. It is totally worth it though. The shows went really well. I need to loose some weight, but thats a different matter.

Then last Tuesday I was in a performers' showcase at an elementary school's library. The theme was going green. It was to showcase different performers in the area to librarians in the area so that hopefully we might get hired to preform at their libraries in the summer. In my case it would mean teaching classes. Last year I was able to teach 2 library classes in my town. It was a lot of fun. A friend of mine joined my toddler and I on the hour and half drive there. We had a great time. The other performers were wonderful. There was a storyteller, a magician, a balloon guy, and an animal guy. I had never even heard of some of the animals that he had brought with him before. I think that my eco-craft demo went really well. There were 2 classrooms of kids there during it. I walked away feeling really good about it, and feeling like I passed on some eco-crafty goodness.

Wednesday I met with one person from my raffle quilt comity to talk about designs and such. This person has worked on several raffle quilts in the past and is a wealth of knowledge. I really view her as a great adviser. She has helped with both the designing of the quilt and with my personal designing confidence a great deal.

Wednesday night I had another meeting. It was a green comity meeting for my church. I now have some homework / craft work to do to help put together a green themed raffle basket for the holiday fair in December. I am also signed up to talk in front of the church in December.

Tonight I met with 3 of the other 5 raffle quilt comity members. They really liked a quilt sketch that I made this week. Its the design that we are going with. I have a new burst of confidence in myself now. Different original designs that I have come up with (from the heart / gut) have been the ones that people really like. I'm also very excited because this is a very bold and modern feeling quilt. It will stand out among other quilts at a show. We are trying to get people to buy tickets to win the quilt so that we can raise money for our guild. That means making a quilt that draws people in and stands out from the other quilts. I'm also very excited to have picked out a basic design that we can now tweak and work with before having the guild vote on it. We will be presenting 3 different versions of this design to the guild for them to vote on. Then the winning one will be the one that will be made for the show in 2 years from now. I have some homework to do now for it. I'm just so happy that a design was chosen.

Monday night is the quilt guild meeting. I need to make the box exchange blocks and 2 quilt postcards this weekend. I'll also be able to announce that the raffle comity has made some great progress, and we most likely will have some designs ready to show and to vote on at the December meeting.

I also need to get on the ball this weekend with helping my son make a game for a school project. I love making game boards. Its a fun craft project that will give years of enjoyment for the whole family.

Thanksgiving is coming up as well as Christmas. Two birthdays just pasted and one more is approaching. I need to finish making some presents and get others started. However the ones that need to be started with be easy. I can't do hard things this late in the game.

I can relax on December 26th for a while. Then later the craziness of April - June can come at me. The Earth Day Fair, other events like that that I am helping with, and then the constant birthdays and birthday parties. Right now I just need to concentrate on what needs to be done by Monday.

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