Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Plastic bag wreath & 1st zero waste week

Yesterday I made the basic form of a plastic bag wreath. I used over 90 white, grocery store sized plastic bags. You take a wire wreath frame, I bought mine for under $3 from a craft store, and you tie plastic bags around it. Cut off the handles and bottom seam of the bags, then just tie them in a knot all the way around the frame. The more bags, the denser it is, the fuller it will look. When you are done tying the knots, fluff the bags. Then you can add embellishments. I am going to add a nice bow and then hot glue some red and green plastic bottle caps to it. A twist tie in the back makes it ready to hang. You can see a video how to on my youtube channel: Crafting with plastic bags episode 1.1.

I also just completed 1 week of zero waste. Yes there is trash at my curbside today. It contains diapers from the diaper genie. However I did not empty my kitchen trash. One week of trash is mainly plastic from food. I have had to trash dive to retrieve items that my family threw away without thinking. I've used my compost bin a lot more. I would say that we threw away 10% to 30% of what we normally do. As far as the diapers go, my 2 year old is doing really well with his potty training. He wears underwear when we are at home. I'm still going to put him in diapers for nap time and bed time. However I am going to try and put him in the washable pull ups for outings. He does not like wearing them. My husband threw away a few cds this week. It looks like I might be making cd clocks for Christmas this year.

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