Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 30 of the Eco Craft Challenge!!!!!!

I am on the last day of the challenge, and I am looking forward to going shopping tomorrow! I have not gone craft shopping in 2 weeks! I am not going to go crazy. I have a shopping list and I am sticking to it. The way I view shopping has changed due to this challenge. Do I need it? Am I going to use it during this pay period? Will something from my stash work instead? I plan on buying some muslin and flannel to make cloth napkins and hankies out of. The hankies are really important to me, since cold season is quickly approaching. Plus having a toddler who needs a tissue due to being super upset at times.

I've been working on Christmas presents this week. I finished knitting the dishcloth that I started on Sunday. I love it. I want to make a few with this yarn for myself, but this one is for someone else. I also plan on buying some more of this color way tomorrow as well. I want to make a matching set for the gift. I started a new dishcloth as well with some stash yarn. The pattern for these dishcloths is in 2 posts before this one.

I did work on the cloth napkins for a little while today. It is official that Wonderland Dyes and I are going to be exchanging some work. I'll make some 10" squared cloth napkins and send them to her. Then she will dye them and send half back to me. She will keep the other half. I think that this is a nice exchange for the work that each of us will be putting into these napkins. Wonderland Dyes will have a shop open on Etsy soon. When she does, I'll post a link.

It's getting cooler at night now. The jeans that I am wearing today has a hole in one of the knees. So I patched it up with some fun fabric. I wanted some color and design, plus I'm not planning on quilting with this fabric anytime soon. It was from a fat quarter in my stash. A fat quarter is a precut piece of fabric that is about 18" x 20". I sewed it on while I was wearing the jeans. I wanted to make sure that it looked right while my knee was bent. I also started embroidering around the outside of the patch.

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