Thursday, September 10, 2009

VHS tape & podcast

Day 18 of the eco craft challenge.

Yesterday I spent a few hours cleaning my studio space (in my basement). Of course my toddler gets his own table in there. I really made a big dent in the clutter. Now I can think easier while in there.

While cleaning I listened to several podcasts. One of them was the newest Stash N Burn podcast with Nicole and Jenny. Around 10:40 and 13:50 on the counter (time in min:sec) they talked about me! Wow! I've been listening to their podcast ever since I got my 1st ipod. I am KristyRecycles on ravelry, and I follow their forum on there. I posted the eco craft challenge in their forum when I first started it. I thought that it would match up with what they talk about, using your yarn stash. I couldn't believe that they mentioned the challenge as well as some of the things that I make. It made my day.

I can't get over how much yardage is in one VHS cassette tape! Its crazy! It really seems like a waste to just throw this much in the trash. If you or someone you know are getting rid of VHS tape via the trash, please take out the tape (unscrew the case to do this). If you don't knit, crochet, or work with yarn in one form or another then maybe someone you know does. Here is Cindy's blog where there are some free VHS patterns. Cindy also has tested her VHS tape bags with credit cards. They do not demagnetize the cards. Thank you Cindy for doing that test! Also check out how to use cassette tape for gift wrapping in Jennifer Perkin's blog. Also one of Danny Seo's books shows how VHS tape makes nice ribbon when gift wrapping. I donated all of my VHS tapes to Goodwill 3 to 5 years ago. This supply came from someone who attends the recycling comity meetings in my town. Since my town does not recycle them, the person was more than happy to let me have them. I've been spinning them like crazy. One ball I plied with spun white plarn. I have a few ideas of what to make with this material. It's exciting.

I also dug into my fabric stash and found some fabric that I don't want to use in a quilt. I began making a reusable bag out of it. I have enough of the fabric that I can make a matching set.

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