Friday, March 14, 2014

Spun Wool and Natural Dyes

Last Sunday I took a spinning wheel class at the American Textile History Museum.  First I carded the wool, then I spun it, and then I Navajo plied it (3 ply).  I had a mordant bath going in preparation for a workshop the next day, so I threw it in there.  The next day I dyed it with madder root,  You can see some of the madder root still stuck in it.  I ended up with about 30 yards of yarn.  This was my first time spinning fiber on a spinning wheel.

Earlier this month I dyed some Lion Brand's Fisherman's wool with some natural dyes, after putting it in a mordant bath of alum and cream of tartar.
Madder Root
This was before I realized that it is better to put the madder root in a blender first.  Madder root is normally a pretty brick red color. 
Osage Orange

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