Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just add some sparkle

I made another Urban Mermaid doll dress recently.  It was for St. Patrick's Day.  The yarn has sequins  in, which adds a nice touch to the dress.
This month I took another class with Judith Durant.  This one was a knitting with beads class.  She showed us how to incorporate beads in our knitting 5 different ways by making this sampler bag.  We spend the first 45 minutes of class stringing the beads onto our yarn.  One row of beads were added with a crochet hook, and another row was on some thread which was added while knitting.  This little purse is just big enough to hold my phone.  I didn't make the strap very long.  It is big enough to go around my wrist.  I have no idea when I would ever use this bag, but it is very pretty.  I was able to make just over half of this bag in class, and then I finished it on another day.  I really enjoyed this class, and Judith is a lovely woman and a good teacher.  The beads were tedious to work with, but they were also easy to work with.  I plan on making more projects with beads in them.

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