Monday, October 14, 2013

Soda Tab Bracelets, Dishcloths, and Bag

Last month was a busy month for me.  I started a 2nd job, teaching crochet at my local yarn shop.  My kids went back to school.  Also a lot of other things started back up again.  I'm slowling falling into my new routine / getting use to the new routine.  I love teaching classes, and the group of ladies that I'm teaching are very nice.  I've gotten some nice comments from them.  The young lady that I was teaching weaving to finished her first woven scarf last month.  On Saturday we started knitting a scarf together.  I am also experimenting with dyeing wool with natural things for my job at the textile museum.  I even helped with a school group that was taking their fleece to fabric lesson.  I've updated my website so that all of my upcoming classes are on there.  Basically things are good and very busy here.  
I made these 3 soda tab bracelets for my mom for breast cancer awareness month.  She is going to share them with some friends.  I also made a 4th and gave it to someone before I had a chance to photograph it.  Here is the free raverly pattern for them.
While watching World War Z, I made this dishcloth using this free pattern.   Its an easy pattern, so I was able to knit this while watching the movie in the dark.
I made this dishcloth, because it is the first homework assignment that I handout to my crochet students.  It is a very simple dishcloth to make, and it allows them to practice making single crochet stitches, find the next stitch, and try and keep the sides even.  Here is the free pattern for it.
I just finished crocheting this market bag on Friday.  I teach my crochet students how to make it during their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th class.  In the 2nd class they learn how to crochet a flat circle (the base).  In the 2nd class they start crocheting the sides in a V stitch pattern.  In the 4th class they learn how to make the handles.  This is my own pattern, which I tweaked a little after making this bag.  I am currently making another of these bags but using the tweaked pattern and chunky yarn.  I used Cascade Yarns Pinwheel for this bag.

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