Monday, October 14, 2013

September Doll Show

I was so happy when my job gave me a bunch of mohair yarn on cones.  It was so pretty.  I didn't remember how itchy it could be though.  So my solution was to make some doll items with it.  It still want to make some human things to though.  I followed this free pattern to knit this hat for my Monster High dolls.  I love the way that it looks on her.  I used a long tail cast on for it, even though the pattern didn't say to.
I used this free pattern to make the witch hat, and then I attached it to her head with a small, clear rubber band.
For the caplet I used size 6 dpns and some mohair yarn.
  • cast on 21 sts with long tail cast on
  • join in the round
  • k2, p2 - repeat to the end and finish with a k1 (for 3 rounds)
  • k6, kfb, repeat = 24 sts
  • knit 1 round
  • k7, kfb, repeat = 27 sts
  • knit to desired length and then bind off

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