Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Doll House for my Dolls

After watching this video by My Froggy Stuff, I wanted to make my own doll house for dolls.
All of this probably took me about an hour and a half to make.
I used a cereal box, a corrugated cardboard box, and several scrapbook pages to make it.
I also used a glue stick, tacky glue, and super glue to attach everything.
Here is the sofa bed with the removable paper blanket.
Downstairs is a couch and a fireplace.
Here is the fireplace.  The fire is set inside of of it a bit (behind a layer of cardboard).
Some of the dolls' pets came to check out the house.
Here is the tiny bear that I crochet a few months ago.
This was a fun project, and I might make a haunted house version of it.


  1. Lovely doll's doll house. Nice job.

  2. I too made one but mine was as tall as a Barbie. Yours is so pretty.