Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poll Closed: May From Trash To Treasure Challenge Poll

The winners are WIPs & UFOs & Your Queue and Eco-Craft Challenge.

We are continuing with our April challenge of working on our WIPs and our UFOs, but now we are adding working on our queue to it. Not only is it time to finish off the projects that we already started, but its also time to make those items that we’ve been wanting to make.

What is an eco-craft challenge? It is when you try to spend $20 or less on craft supplies for the month of May. The goal is to use what you already have. So many wonderful things can come from this challenge.
  • You become more creative in what you make because you are using only what you have on hand.
  • You finish up those UFOs and WIPs, which goes along with our other May challenge.
  • You stash bust.
  • You save money.
  • You only buy what you absolutely need for a project that you are currently working on vs adding to your stash.
  • This could change the way you shop.
  • This could change the way you craft.
Why is it eco? Well by limiting how much money that you can spend, you will use less gas, have less packaging to throw away, use what you have, and you might even recycle some things in the name of crafting.

May Flowers
  14 (33%)
Farmers' Market Theme
  11 (26%)
Paper or plastic?
  7 (16%)
Bottle cap & Soda tab
  9 (21%)
Picture/Mirror Frames
  8 (19%)
Wips & Ufos & Your Queue
  18 (42%)
Craft Fair Challenge
  7 (16%)
3 item challenge
  4 (9%)
May Holiday Theme:
  5 (11%)
Eco-craft Challenge
  16 (38%)

Votes: 42
Poll closed 

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