Sunday, May 29, 2011

Artist Trading Cards - 2nd Set

Floral Snow
I drew all of these artist trading cards yesterday on the paper that I watercolor painted on.  To achieve a certain look on some of them, I sprinkled salt on the paper while it was still wet with paint.  When dry, then I scraped the salt off.  Its been fun to experiment on these 2.5" x 3.5" pieces of paper.  My husband wants me to keep it up.  Maybe I can get him to make a few to.  I love his character doodles.  You can see some of his characters here.  Its also been fun naming them.  Some I won't trade.  Thoughts of how to display them (framed) are dancing through my mind.
Releasing Steam 
And the Darkness Comes
Solar Flares
Do Snails Dream of...?


  1. Completely caught off guarded by reading the Headline, TRADING CARDS ?

  2. They look really good. What kind of paper are you using?

  3. Technology Consultant: They are trading cards, trading cards made by artists and crafters to trade with one another.

    Moira: Thank you. I am using watercolor paper. :)