Thursday, May 19, 2011

Earth Fair Purchases

At the Earth Fair you could not miss the corner carved out by Jeffrey Merrill.  Jeffrey makes furniture, picture frames, bird houses, bat houses, and butterfly houses out of reclaimed lumber.  
I knew that once my husband saw these adirondack chairs that we would be talking about buying one or more of them.  We both have wanted one for several years.  These two chairs and the foot / leg part on the one were sold as a set.  Sold!  My husband is really looking forward to a nice and sunny weekend so that he can sand them, stain them, and seal them.  Jeffrey left them unfinished on purpose so that whoever bought them could either leave them as it or finish them however they wanted to.  
I just knew that I wanted one of his rustic looking benches.  It really adds a nice touch to the chairs.  Now we can sit outside and have a place to put our drinks or whatever on.  
My very first purchase was this bird house from Jeffrey Merrill.  I love it.  It only cost $10!  What a steal.  
Susanna Delgado had all sorts of beautiful glass objects on her table.  I bought this brown glass necklace from her, which was made from a beer bottle.  I think that it was made from the top of a beer bottle, where the hole is.  She also had candle holders made from the bottom of glass bottles, beautiful lights inside of decorated glass bottles, sun-catchers, and more.
My mother-in-law bought some of her other items.  
Gopika Narula's table had many different items made using pressed flowers.  She had coaster like items like this one, placemats, glass coasters, and much more.  She also generously donated 1 free art lesson and 4 of these pressed flower items for the raffle table.  I plan on putting a picture hanger on the back of my little pressed flower.

You can see more pictures and read more about the Earth Fair here.

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