Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy Reading

I've been busy reading this week instead of making things.  Thats why you haven't heard much from me lately.  I have been slowly working on a project for a swap.  Today I made an artist trading card, my first one ever.  I needed some way to release what I was feeling after finishing a trilogy today.  Art is great therapy.  I also needed to do something more along the lines of art than craft, even if it was my usual doodling.  I'll scan it and share it with all of you tomorrow.

I re-read The Host by Stephenie Meyer.  This is the book that she wrote while one of the Twilight books was being edited.  I love it.  It was different but still special the 2nd time through.  Think invasion of the body snatchers after the body snatchers have won.  Like Twilight, it is a love story and there is a love triangle, but with 2 bodies.

My local library is asking people to read "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins.  Its part of some program to get the town talking about a single book.  Then in June a friend of mine who is a librarian will be leading a book discussion on it.  So I agreed to read it after I finish The Host.  I wasn't sure about it, because it isn't the type of book that I usually read, but I could not put it down.  I read the whole trilogy in 4 days.  Incredible!  It is an emotional roller-coaster.  I highly recommend it.  I'll probably re-read the 1st book before the book discussion so that I can not only refresh my memory, but I won't accidentally mention things that happen in the other books.

Not only did I make an artist trading card tonight, but I did some watercolor painting so that I can make a few more.  I'll take pictures tomorrow.


  1. I've read ALL the Twilight books, and I can be definitely classified as a "twi-hard" fan of both the books and the movies!.. But I haven't read "The Host" yet. My daughter on the other hand has heard how good the Suzanne Collins books were though, and picked them up, but I don't know if she's read them yet. I'll have to ask her. Can't wait to see the works of art you've made in the meantime! ~tina

  2. I've read 4 of the 5.5 Twilight books. I still need to read the one about Bree, and I've only read the first chapter of the 1st book through Edward's eyes (available only online on her website). I love how Meyer writes about love. :D

  3. So per your recommendation, I may have to pick up Hunger Games. I loved The Host and can only hope that a movie will be in the making!

  4. Ashley, I heard that they were going to make a movie of The Host but someone put a stop to it. They didn't think that the movie would come close to the book. Maybe it was because of who the director was or the actors. I don't know.