Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plarn Basket #3

Yesterday we left for a 7 hour road trip to Pennsylvania.  You would think that I would be to tired to craft after all of that, but I started making this plarn basket last night.  This morning I finished it, and I crochet 3 soda tab bracelets.  I also finished weaving in the ends of another blossom hot pad in Easter colors.  I'll take pictures of the hot pad and bracelets tomorrow.  This plarn basket is larger than the other two that I had made.  The base is 9 rounds vs the 5 rounds of the others.  The pattern and a video tutorial for this basket can be found in this link.

I was able to knit a few more rounds of my mom's birthday present this morning before she woke up.  I have 4 rounds left.  I'm hoping to get that done tonight so that I can give it to her tomorrow.

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