Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cable Cowl & Crochet Soda Tab Bracelets

I finally finished knitting this Kool Aid dyed cable cowl last night.  Its a late birthday present for my mom.  When I got here, all I had left to do was the ribbing, but I could only work on it while my mom was asleep or at work.  I finished it last night and gave it to her this afternoon.  She liked it, and it is her favorite color.  She had requested it after seeing the one that I made for myself last year.  To bad she really can't use it until the winter.
This pattern came from an issue of Vogue Knitting.
I Kool Aid dyed the yarn last year.  It is lionbrand fisherman's wool.
Here are 5 of the 6.5 small soda tab bracelets that I crochet today.  I'm using a rainbow yarn that I bought yesterday.  I lined them up so that you can see how the color changes in the yarn.

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