Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

My oldest son watched a video on you tube on how to make your own fake poop.  He begged me to make some before my husband got home tonight.  I caved as you can see.  Here is the video where we got the instructions from.  Since my son is allergic to peanuts, we used SunButter instead.  We also used Frosted Flakes.  It smelled like the Hershey chocolate ride when cooking it.
When my husband got home he stepped on one.  It was extra funny because we had to deal with cat vomit this morning, so he thought that that was what he stepped on at first.  The kids had so much fun playing this prank on their dad tonight.  On Monday I'm going to send some to school with my oldest son so that he can show his friends.
Basically you crush up some Frosted Flakes or similar cereal.  In a sauce pan you mix about a half a cup of peanut butter (SunButter in our case) and a hand full of chocolate chips over medium heat.  Once melted, pour it in a bowl with the crushed cereal and mix.  Then you can form your poop and refrigerate it for about 20 minutes.  It really does look like gross poop, and the kids like eating it.  

Happy April Fools Day!


  1. Hi, Kristy,
    HA! I'm always prowling for new recipes, since I blog for SunButter. THIS is a keeper, and I'm devilishly creating occasions to use it before next April 1. Thanks for the, ah, inspiration!

  2. Elizabeth, I was very excited to find a new use for SunButter. My son, who is allergic to peanuts, has not been a fan of any alternatives until this recipe. I'm hoping that he develops a taste for SunButter, because we love it. I'll have to look at SunButter's website to see if there are more recipes. thanks for your nice comment :)