Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Fabric Postcards & Swap Gifts

I participated in a Valentine's swap with other members of the From Trash To Treasure Ravelry group this month.  Actually I ended up organizing it.  Not only did I sign up for the package swap, but I also signed up for the card only swap.  I wanted to make some special cards for everyone, so I made some fabric postcards.  This one went to my package swap partner in New York.
This one went to delights (ravelry name).
This one went all the way to Australia to my Christmas swap partner.  I just had to send her something for Valentine's Day.
This one went to my friend spookycuddles (her ravelry name).
One of these went to my online friend who also happens to be a fan of my show.  She also got the crochet soda tab heart from me.  The other two went to my mom and my grandma.
Here is the back of one of the postcards.  A little history about the fabric used: The purple dove fabric I bought in high school.  I did not know how much fabric a yard really was, and I bought way to much.  Then I did not touch it for 15 years!  My first project with it was 2 years ago when I used it in my grandma's quilt.  It got used for the 3rd time in these postcards.  The dark red print was from some curtains that I made for the last place that we lived.  My husband does not like red curtains, so it was time to repurpose the fabric.  The red background fabric in the first one was left over from the first quilt that I made for my 2nd son.  Most of the other fabrics are from other Valentine themed quilting projects.
Spookycuddles took this picture of the package that I sent her.  What is with the finger tutu you ask?  Its an inside joke.  She loved it.  The regular card is a pop up card.  You might recognize many of these items from past posts.  
Spookycuddles took the pink heart ornament that I made and starched it, coated it in glitter, and attached a flower to the center of it.  It looks great.  Is that a Christmas tree that it is hanging from?  Why yes it is.  She leaves her tree up year round and decorates it for different holidays.  I wanted to make sure that she got some more Valentine's ornaments for her tree.  She also added a flower to the center of the crochet envelope and glued a magnet to the back of it.  It is now a note holder on her refrigerator.  How clever.
This lovely photo what taken by delights after she received her package from me.
And here is a close up.  

I still have a few more fabric postcards that I want to make for my online friends, especially for 3 in particular who are going through some hard times.  One of them lives in Queensland, Australia where there has been massive flooding which resulted in a number of deaths and missing people.  My heart goes out to them.  Another friend just lost her husband yesterday.  A card isn't much, but its a way to show that I care.

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