Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Got Milk?

What do you do with your white milk cartons after the milk is all gone?
Make snowflakes.
I cleaned the milk cartons, then I cut out the 4 sides and die cut snowflakes out of them.
Using a denim needle on my sewing machine, I sewed the snowflakes together to make garland.
The end loops are the two threads tied together.  
It does tangle easily, so I'll have to be careful when storing it.
Then with the opaque green tea jugs, I die cut hearts out of them.  I also die cut hearts out of some eco-fi felt (made from recycled plastic bottles).  Then I sewed them together vertically to make these Valentine's ornaments.  
Last but not least, I have been crocheting envelopes to hold some special Valentine's cards in.  I made the cards today, but I won't be showing them for a little while.  One of the people who will be getting one follows my blog (you know who you are), and I want to surprise her.  Back to the envelope.  As my husband said the other night, it looks like Mrs. Claus's purse.  The person who will be receiving this one does not like pink, but I might be using pink for the other ones that I am making.  That being said, I like that it can be reused for Christmas.  After making this envelope, I have the pattern memorize.  Yep, its that easy to make, as long as you don't mind hand sewing (which I don't mind doing at all).  

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  1. LOVE the garland. Almost worth buying milk in white containers!