Friday, February 5, 2010

Eco Valentine's Day Wreath

This morning I took my toddler to story time at the library. The storyteller gave the kids some paper hearts. Those paper hearts inspired me to make a Valentine's Day project. It also helped that the Trash To Treasure Ravelry group is also doing a Valentine's eco challenge. I had a plastic bag wreath that was only a quarter of the way filled, and I had precut plastic bags for it. So I decided that I was going to make a Valentine's Day plastic bag wreath.

First you cut off the handles and bottom seams off of several white grocery store plastic bags. I used 52 plastic bags to make this small wreath. Then tie them in a knot around your wreath frame. When the whole wreath is filled, fluff the bags.

Next I took 4 cds that were bad. I drew hearts on the front of them, then cut the hearts out. There is some cd flaking.

Then I picked out 4 ribbons that went with my Valentine's theme. Using a hot glue gun, I glued them around the edge of the cd hearts.

Then I hot glued them onto the wreath. I also added a ribbon loop to the back of the wreath so that it is easier to hang.

A family member gave my some red and black boa yarn for Christmas. Using a crochet hook, I made a long chain out of the yarn. Then I wrapped it around the wreath 12 times.

Using a red sharpie, I drew hearts on 4 plastic bottle caps. On 4 other bottle caps I wrote things: Valentine, Be Mine, Love, and xxx ooo. The heart ones were glued over the hole in the center of each cd. The other ones were glued in between each cd. I also had some fake flowers laying around the house collecting dust. I cut the flowers off of the stems and hot glued those on the wreath as well.

Now I have a nice wreath to decorate my front door for Valentine's Day. What I like is that to me it combines the winter with the spring, which it perfect for living in New England.

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