Thursday, February 18, 2010

May The Force Be With You

Today is my anniversary. I wanted to give my husband something special, so I made him a Yoda and a Chewbacca finger puppet. His 2 favorite Star Wars characters. For Yoda, I used the same pattern that I used to make the snowman from "Knitted Finger Puppets" by Meg Leach. The ears and light saber are one row of single crochet. The head of Chewbacca is the same pattern as Yoda's body. Then I just had to make his body a little bit larger. The sash is silver ribbon. I used boa yarn for Chewbacca. My husband loves them.


  1. I love those! What a great present, I'm going to have to save this for Dylan's (5) next bday.

  2. Thanks :) I'm going to make a bunch for my son's 3rd birthday in April. Now it'll be a tug of war, because my husband wants me to make more Star Wars characters for him.