Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yesterday I pieced together 3 quilt blocks for the January 5th block of my calendar. Today I made 3 of the January 6th block. The 3rd picture is what I have sewn from a mistake (cut it wrong) from the purple & white blocks that I made the other day. Maybe I'll turn those blocks into matching pillows for the quilt. I cut half of the fabric needed for January 7th's block.

January 5th, Pinwheel Star Block: cut four 3 1/2" white squares, one 7 1/4" white square (and cut that into 4 triangles), and two 3 7/8" white squares and six 3 7/8" blue squares (cut them in half to make 2 triangles).

January 6th, Sawtooth Star Block: Cut one 4 3/4" green square, four 3 1/2" white squares, one 7 1/4" white square (cut into 4 triangles), and four green & 2 white squares cut at 3 7/8" (and cut into 2 triangles each).

For this quilt I am multiplying each item cut by 3 to make 3 of each block. Please see the last post for a picture of the whole quilt.

I have also been knitting a cork screw scarf (pattern fron Knitty Gritty).

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