Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sock Afghan, White Chevron Afghan, and Crochet Shawl

I've been making some good progress on my garter stitched sock yarn afghan (free pattern).  It seems like I get at least 2 stripes made a day.  That's because I work on it while waiting for my kids to get out of school (sitting in the school's parking lot).

I finished crocheting the white chevron baby afghan that I was hired to finish.  Do you see where my finger is in the photo?  From that point and above is what I worked on.  There was little over a skein that I needed to use up before it would be finished.  The lady who hired me picked up the 2 finished afghans last Tuesday.   I'm happy that I could finish her mother's work for her so that she would have some treasured keepsakes.

Now that I am no longer working on those 2 afghans I can concentrate on things that I want to make.  One of those things is a crochet shawl.  This photo was taken a week ago on my first day of crocheting it, it is much bigger now.  I just started using the 2nd skein of the James C. Brett Moonlight Sonta yarn (500 yards per skein).  I did not use all of the 500 yards of the first skien, because when I was very close to using it up, there was a break in the yarn that the manufacturer had tied in a knot.  Not only was there a knot, but the two tied parts didn't match in color.  Thankfully one of the ends of the 2nd skein matched the yarn break that was connected to the shawl.  Problem solved, and you can't really tell where I joined the 2nd skein at.  My goal is to finish this shawl this month, using at least 800 yards of yarn.

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