Friday, September 12, 2014

Crochet Bobble Apple Afghan Square

This week I decided that I wanted to make an afghan out of the different crochet bobble patterns that I have instead of dishcloths.  I've made a bunch of cotton dishcloth ones already this year.  Because they are so quick and easy to make, I should be able to make a nice size afghan rather quickly (within a year's time).  The type of images that I want to make kind of scream out kid's blanket, so I will be making it for my youngest son.  Shhh, don't tell him.  So I picked out 2 colors of Plymouth Encore yarn to start off with.  First I picked a nice rich blue color, because he love the darker blues.  However a few of the patterns that I want to make will look better in green, so I also got some green. I figure that as I make more than I can add in other shades of blue and green as well as some purples.  I'll just add as needed.  Because of this loose plan I will wait to sew the squares together when I have enough to make the afghan, that way I can arrange all the different colored squares in a visually pleasing way.

One of the Disney Adventures challenges (ravelry) this month is for Disney Legend Steve Jobs.  He was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc., so I want to make an apple bobble square for this challenge.  This pattern can be made in less than an hour.  I also started the other bobble apple from the pattern charts as well.

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