Saturday, August 23, 2014

August Projects

I haven't made as many things as I normally do in a month, because I've been focusing on some bigger projects.  
My job at the local yarn shop is going to be part of a yarn crawl next month.  So I needed to make a sample of my bag pattern for the shop.  What better than to use my favorite yarn for it, Cascade Pinwheel.  I had to frog a good bit to make it smaller so that I only used up 1 skein (440 yards), because I wanted people to know how big it would be (and how big to make the base) if they used only 1 skein.  The base for this one is 14 rounds, and I used an H hook.  I don't remember how long the sides are, but I just kept going until I was sure that I had just enough for the top and the handles.   It was also about time that my job had a sample of this pattern, because many of my students have made one.
During the last day of my vacation this month I made this twisted crochet cabled baby hat for the Child's Light charity.  I used Cascade Pacific yarn and an H and a J hook.  
You can see my hat among many others in the collection basket.  You can even see some hats made by Cindy from My Recycled Bags.
I also finished the fair isle snowflake Christmas ornament as well.  Here is the chart for it. 
I've also been working on finishing this chevron afghan for a lady whose mother had started it, but who had passed away before finishing it.  I'm also finishing a white chevron baby afghan for her as well.  My goal is to have both afghans finished next month.  
I've been hard at work making 28 orange granny squares so that I could create a 4th round to my afghan.  Half of the 4th round has been joined already.  I'm using the join as you go method, which you can learn in this video.  I'm using 3 different color ways of Cascade Pinwheel for the squares, and the black border id Cascade Pacific.  
The other day I bought a 5 inch thick binder (with a much needed 50% off coupon) to hold all of my printed crochet patterns in.  This is my new work binder.  Before teaching crochet, I would keep a digital copy of all of my patterns.  However I need to have printed copies of different patterns for my students.  About an inch of those pages are empty sheet protectors just waiting for more patterns.  I put them in alphabetical order according to category, and then I put the holidays in order by month (with birthdays and parties in the beginning).  Then in the back are the paid patterns, so I know which ones are off limits to my students.  

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