Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monster High Mermaid Outfit

This mermaid tail pattern was suppose to fit a Barbie, but it was to short.  I could always knit several more rounds in the center to make it longer though.  But it does fit my Monster High doll just right.
Here is the free pattern for the tail.  For the top I used a size 2 crochet hook.
Make 2:
  • chain 4
  • turn and sc 3, ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog, sc 2, ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog, sc 1 , ch 1 and turn
  • sc 2tog
  • chain 15 and cut yarn
Chain 15, sc across the bottom of both triangles, ch 15, cut yarn.
Next time I will begin by chaining 15 plus the 4 at the beginning to include the back tie (but make it 5 for a bigger top).

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