Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1909 Gearhart knitting loom and 1870 Loom

Today at work they asked me to finish dressing this loom.  It is going to be a long process, because there are a lot of thin threads in the warp.  I look at it as a meditation.  It needs love and patience to finish. 
Also at work they have me learning how to use this 1909 Gearhart machine knitting loom.  I hand knitted the starter cap last week (the orange part), and put it on the loom yesterday.  I am now using sock yarn on it.  I could not get the ribber to work, because I couldn't find the right needles for it.  They have asked me to learn how to make a sock on it.  I'm just skipping the ribbing and going straight to turning the heel.

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