Monday, March 4, 2013

February Doll Fashion Show

I made these 4 Monster High outfits out of a very small pair of socks.
I was really happy to get the skull in the center of the 2 skirts.
Two of the black tops were triangles that were tied bandana style.

These 3 outfits were made from a single long sock.  Belle has matched her new camouflage top with a black skirt that a friend had made.
Merida looks great in her new camouflage dress.
This Monster High doll has a bandana to match her dress.
Lately I've been discovering holes in my socks.  After washing them, I turned them into doll clothes.  This sock is a little frayed, but it still made a nice evening dress with a matching purse.
One sock became 2 outfits: a dress and a top.
This is one of several photos here that were taken by my husband.
You can see how thread bare this sock became (from the skirt on the right).  I was able to get a dress, a top, and a skirt out of this single sock.

I had some leftover silver novelty yarn, so I made this doll rug out of it.
I loved that I could use up novelty yarn this way, so I made another doll rug.
Then I wanted to try the same thing but with much larger needles (really really large needles), and so I made this doll blanket.
I crochet this Red Riding Hood cape and basket using this pattern, and then made a matching sock dress.

I made the room using scrapbook paper, ribbon, wood contact paper, and foam-core.
This was suppose to be a dress, but it looked better as a skirt.  Here is the pattern for it.
Using the wool yarn that I Kool Aid dyed in January, I knitted this doll hat.  The pattern came from a book that I had checked out from the library.
I really love this pattern.  I used yarn that had sequins in it to make this dress.  

I made this stool using a glue gun, fabric, a bottle cap, and coffee stirrers. 
I also made another doll room.  This time instead of wood contact paper for the floor, I used real floor tiles.  I found the self adhesive kind.  It was easy to cut with scissors to.
I love watching videos from MyFroggyStuff.  A recent one was how to make a doll cake using foam and puff paint.  I couldn't wait to make one, so here is my first doll rainbow cake.
It was so much fun that I made lots more: rainbow cake, yellow cake, chocolate cake, and red velvet cake.
Dolls need storage, so I made an tiny origami box out of an Andes chocolate wrapper.
I made a bigger one, but still doll sized, out of leftover scrapbook paper from the doll room.

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