Friday, March 5, 2010

Downsizing the Plastic Bags

Yesterday I taught several Girl Scouts how to make plarn (plastic bag yarn). They seemed to have really enjoyed it. The 30 minutes just flew by. I will probably see them again to teach them how to make juice pouch notebooks. In fact some of them were in the classrooms that I use to collect used juice pouches from.

Since all of my plastic bag classes are now over, it was time to make plarn from what plastic bags I had left. I have a lot of plastic bags left over, a whole leaf lawn bag full of them. So last night I cut the bags and filled my large tote bag while watching t.v. When it was completely full, I joined the loops and made a ball of plarn. I barely made a dent in my plastic bag stash. So for the next few days I will be working my way through the bags until I don't have any left.

Yesterday morning I had to get my oil changed and have something in my car looked at. That can eat up a few hours. As a result I am half way done making my mom's birthday present. You got to love portable projects.

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