Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Hexiflats plus my favorite chart links

The mini challenge in the Disney Adventures group in ravelry this month was H2O: Just Add Water (an Australian Disney teen show).  I actually love this show, and I found out that they are making a 4th season right now.  Plus the maker of the show made a Nickelodeon spin off called Mako Mermaids (available on Netflixs).  So for the challenge I designed 3 hexiflats to represent the h2o logo, plus I designed a water drop hexiflat (they turn into mermaids when they get wet).  The mermaid design can be found here.
After making this Minecraft creeper hexiflat, my youngest took it and put it in his room.
Here is a black cat hexiflat.
I made a few blank hexiflats as well.  
Here is another mustache hexiflat.  Here is the chart for it.

Last week I copied a lot of hexipuff charts and put them into a folder on my computer, so that I wouldn't have to hunt them down anymore.  I can't remember exactly where the cat and creeper charts were from, so I thought that I would share my 3 favorite hexipuff chart links.  There are other charts in these links as well.

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