Monday, August 12, 2013

Hexiflat Maniah

I have made 16 hexiflats this month, and I'm not finished yet.  All of these hexiflats were made for different challenges in 2 of the ravelry challenge groups that I'm in.  If you are wondering what a hexiflat is, it is an unstuffed hexipuff.  
One of the challenges in the Hogwarts at Ravelry group was to represent the number 7 in some way (inspired by the 7 Potters in one of the last books).  It could be the number 7, 7 of something, size 7 needles, or 7 different colors of yarn.  I decided to combine some of the examples and make 7 hexiflats with the number 7 on them using 7 different colors for the 7s.  I designed the double stitched 7.  
For the Disney Adventures group one of the challenges this month is to make something inspired by the movie "Finding Nemo."  So I made 7 hexiflats with sea creatures on them.  There is a crab, 2 whales, and 4 fish (including Nemo).  Here are the links to the charts that I used: Fish 1 (two of the fish are the same but just facing in the opposite directions), fish 2, whale 1, whale 2, crab, and Nemo.
Another Disney Adventures challenge this month is to make something inspired by John Ratzenberger. Most people remember him as Cliff Clavin from Cheers.  He also has been the voice of a character in every feature length Pixar movie.  One of his more well known characters was Ham from the Toy Story series.  So I made this hexiflat pig to represent Ham.  Here is the chart link for him.
I then made this hexiflat mustache to represent his character Tom the construction worker in the Pixar movie "Up."  The yellow represents his construction hat, and he has a mustache.  Here is the chart for the mustache.

Last night I finally made a hexipuff grid in photoshop.  I have been designing a few on graph paper, but the photoshop one opens up more possibilities.  Last night I designed 4 new hexipuffs.  One is of the moonfish from "Finding Nemo" that John Ratzenberger did the voice of.  The other 3 are H, 2 (with a mermaid tail), O to represent the logo from the show H2O: Just Add Water.  That is the mini challenge in Disney Adventures right now.

Tonight I am going to try an make a cabled hexiflat to go along with a weekly challenge in Hogwarts at Ravelry.

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