Sunday, May 26, 2013

Star Wars, Log Cabin Bag, Pouches, Charity, and Church

I started making a log cabin afghan in March, but quickly realized that I did not want an afghan with that yarn.  It was not something that I wanted to curl up under.  So this month I decided that it would become a bag.  I made another log cabin square but with the other color as the center, so that the two sides were the same but different.  Then I picked up stitches on 3 sides of both squares and knitted for a while, then I joined them together using the kitchener stitch.  I then picked up 8 stitches on one side and knitted the strap, also using the kitchener stitch to join it to the other side of the bag.  I had some patriotic fabric in my stash, so I sewed a zippered lining out of it with a zippered pocket inside.  Next I hand sewed the lining inside of the bag.  It is a large bag to: 19” wide x 18” high x 2” deep.
I made this Star Wars Imperial Square earlier this week.  I was hoping to donate to a charity, but it is to big for the charity I had in mind.  I might add to it and make an afghan for a family member.
I crochet these 5 granny squares for A Hug for Boston, which is giving afghans to victims of the Boston marathon bombing. 
Here are two more pouches that I made using the 1909 machine knitting loom at work.
Here are the 6 sides of a blessing block that I made as an example for kids at church.  I also put the "Truth" side, the chalice, and the milestone marker on 3 others for the kids.
Today we went hiking with the 3 kids, and they got to finish their blessing blocks in a nice wooded area.

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