Saturday, April 6, 2013

Small Doll Items: shopping bags, cake boxes, and wreaths

The other day I made some doll shopping bags  The gray ones were made with scrapbook paper, gray duct tape, and clear packing tape.  The colorful ones were made with starburst wrappers, pink duct tape, and clear packing tape.  The ones with the doll were my first ones of the year and need to be tweaked.  They use green duct tape and scrapbook paper.  I need to remove some rolled up duct tape (that holds the parts together) and replace it with either glue or clear packing tape.  I sent the top 2 sets to a friend of mine.
I made 2 small calendar wreaths using origami paper that I cut into 4ths.  They are perfect for a doll house.  The other two calendar wreaths were made using a catalogue.  I mailed one larger one and 1 smaller one along with the 3 doll cakes and cake boxes to the same friend.  The dolls cakes are 3 different flavors: sponge cake, chocolate, and rainbow cake (they are colored foam with white puff paint, and can be seen in a past blog post).  The boxes are origami boxes.  The bolder one used scrapbook paper, and the other two used origami paper.  I prefer the scrapbook paper for these, because it is thicker.
Here is the photo that my friend took of what I sent to here for her doll house.

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