Sunday, February 10, 2013

Soda tab purse, dyed yarn, doll items, Hugs dishcloth, and tiny teddy bears

I have been wanting to make a crochet soda tab purse for a very long time.  I finally did it this month, and it only took me 3 days to crochet.  I used 830 tabs and most of a skein of black yarn for it.  I used this pattern, but made it bigger and wider.  I also had to figure out most of the base of the bag myself based on the photos in the pattern tutorial.  
While snowed in on Friday I made a double sided lining with black tone on tone fabric, and then added a zipper.  I then hand sewed it to the bag with black thread so that you can't see the stitches  (sewing it around the black crochet yarn).  I can't wait to start showing it off.  
I dyed three 70 yard hanks of fisherman's wool the other day.
Two of them I dyed with ice blue raspberry lemonade kool aid.   I have been using this amazing resource for my kool aid dyeing.  I used the microwave to do all my dyeing on this day.
Then I put lots of rubberbands on one of the blue hanks while the other one was hung up to dry.  
Next I made a brown dye bath using 2 packets of lemonade, 1 grape, and 1 cherry kool aid as well ad some neon green food coloring.  I also added some white vinegar to the the water and dye mixture.  Then I dyed the rubberbanded hank and an undyed hank.
Here they are hanging up to dry.  I'm happy with how they came out.
Here is the rainbow hooded cape and basket that I crochet earlier this month following this pattern.  It was for a fruitcake challenge (where the item had to be inspired by fruitcake).  I also made the dress out of a sock.
Using some leftover novelty yarn, I knitted this silver doll rug.  I also made all of the doll outfits out of socks.  I made 11 pieces of doll clothes this month out of socks.  I'm waiting for my husband to finish photographing them so that I can share them.  
I also made this doll skirt.  It was suppose to be a dress, but it fit better as a skirt.  Here is the free pattern for it.  Then I bought 2 foam-core boards, cut one and half, and made new walls for my doll room.  The wall paper is scrapbook paper and ribbon.  The floor is also foam-core, but I used wood like contact paper for it.  I had made the fire place last month out of a food box, the wood contact paper, and black duct tape.  
My new Ghoulia doll is sporting my newest urban mermaid dress, which used red sequins lace weight yarn.  This and the above skirt are for a swap, so I will be making them again for myself.
I checked out "Knits for Barbie" by Nicky Epstein from my library and made this hat using one of the patterns.  I used the wool yarn that I dyed during my class on January 31st.  I love how the colors knit up on it.
I was inspired by the silver rug that I made that I wanted to make more things out of my old novelty yarn.  I have a good bit of it from when I was a new knitter (and wanted to hide all of my mistakes).  So I made another doll rug.  It is very thick, and kind of a throw back from the '70s.  I love it.  Its the perfect colors for my monster high dolls.
Then I took out my very large knitting needles and made a blanket out of another skein of novelty yarn.
For Valentine's Day I made my mom this illusion dishcloth.  I need to mail it out tomorrow.
For the tiny treasures swap that I am in, I made these 5 tiny teddy bears.  I really love this pattern.  They are just so cute!

It has been a bust month.  I am currently finishing another tiny teddy bear, a car magnet, and a crocodile stitch purse.

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