Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crocodile Stitch Purse

It took most of this month and 2 skeins of yarn, but I finally finished crocheting this purse last night.  I want to add a lining to it, but it is usable.  I modified the pattern slightly by adding more stitches to make it wider (multiples of 7), and using the black yarn in every other row (behind the gray scales or crocodile stitches).  Because of that, I only needed to use 1 skein of gray yarn instead of 2.  This is a yarn eater.  
I used Caron simply soft yarn: gray, black, and white.
Here is the free pattern for it.  Also it is very helpful to watch the 5 videos that Mikey from The Crochet Crowd made.  He not only shows how to make the crocodile stitch, but also how to make the handles (and everything else with the bag).

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