Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Tot Craft Time: Christmas Ornaments & A Tree

My son made this snowball / snowflake ornament using a paper circle, some packing peanuts, glue, ribbon, and a stapler.  So easy and a great way to recycle those packing peanuts.
I love to go shopping after the holidays.  I found some blank wooden candy shapes for about 8 cents in the after Halloween sale bin.  I thought that they would make great peppermint candy magnets for Christmas.  However my son really wanted something to do, so I gave him these to color and put foam stickers on.  It took a little bit of time and some muscle, but I got my small hole punch to go through them so that they could become Christmas ornaments.  He is giving them to his friends for Christmas.
This one is supper easy, just cut an ornament shape out of construction paper and let your child decorate it.  Then punch a hole at the top and attach some ribbon or yarn to it.  Don't forget to date the back of it so that you'll always remember when your child made it.
I saw this at a preschool recently and I just loved it.  All you need are some green circles, a yellow star, and a brown rectangle, add some glitter glue and some sequence and you're good to go.

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