Saturday, September 24, 2011

Projects from Class

Last Thursday I taught a juice pouch notebook class at the East Branch of the Somerville Library.  It was a full class (15 kids), and everyone walked away with a juice pouch notebook.  I made an orange Kool Aid one.  Then 5 of the kids stayed longer and made paper beads to add as a tassel on their notebooks.  Four of the kids were girls, and they wanted to learn how to make paper bead bracelets.  So I did a mini demo of how to make them, and sent them home with supplies.  My demo bracelet is in the above picture.  Here is a past blog post that shows what the bracelet looks like when finished.  That particular bracelet was made as an example for another class at the other branch of the Somerville Library.  One of the kid's brother asked if he could have it, and how could I say no?  :)  

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  1. Love this notebook idea .. I wish I had time to make all these projects! I am saving juice pouches though.! :)