Monday, September 26, 2011

Juice Pouch Lunch Box

Last week a friend asked me to make a rainbow colored juice pouch lunch box.  She wanted to buy one for a belated birthday present.  So last weekend I made it.  Each juice pouch is stuffed with a layer of batting to help insulate it.  She also wanted a ribbon that had to do with gardening, but she wanted me to use something from my ribbon stash.  What is funny is that the person who it is a gift for saw it yesterday and asked me how much it would cost to make one for her, lol.  She is going to be surprised when she gets one soon.  
It has been a long time since I sewed anything, so it felt good to dust off my sewing machine and make a few things.  I did make something else, but its for the Halloween swap (you'll have to wait to see what it is).


  1. I love this. Do you just cut a rectangle of quilt batting, or do you use fiberfill in each pouch? That's a great idea to help insulate it more! :)

  2. I LIKE THIS!!!.. I still save all Kool-Aid pouches! Sometimes they show up in my crochet work, and sometimes they show up in my scrapbooking/art work!... Hope you had a nice weekend, and have a great week ahead! ~tina

  3. Thanks ladies :)

    Tara, I cut out a rectangle of batting for it. I use a knitting needle to help position it just right inside of the pouch.

    Beansieleigh, I would love to see how you incorporate juice pouches in your crochet work.