Thursday, September 9, 2010

Plastic Bottle Bag & Video

I've been saving my Juicy Juice plastic bottles so that I can make something out of them.  For this experiment I cleaned the bottle, using Goo Gone to remove the sticky part that held the label on.  Next I cut off the top of the bottle.  I'm saving that part for another experiment.  Then I hole punched around the top of the bottom half.  Next take a tapestry needle and make a blanket stitch through each hole.  Round 1: Single crochet one to three times in each blanket stitch (just use your best judgement for the amount of times).  Round 2: single crochet in every stitch.  Round 3 and up: Double crochet in each stitch.

I plan on crocheting the same height as the plastic bottle.  Then I am going to make shells (I don't know what they are called) to finish the top.  Then I'll weave a ribbon through to make a drawstring.  This would make a good small project bag or yarn holder.

Music is "The Gaelic Reels" by Capercailli.

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