Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chalkboard Display Board

Yesterday I turned a tri-fold display board into a chalkboard.  This chalkboard will be used for the Green Committee to write updates on, green tips, and other things.  I'm also thinking of using it at craft shows to write down information and prices of things.  Its a great way to turn a display board into a reusable information board.

 Here is the cardboard tri-fold board that I bought for this project.  Lay it on a tarp and wear some clothes that you don't mind getting paint on.  If painting this outside, choose a nice sunny day with no wind.  There was some slight wind yesterday that blew little bits of grass onto the wet paint.

Here is the chalkboard paint that I bought at the hardware store.  They also sell dry erase paint there, but it costs 3 times as much.  The mini roller came in a package that became the tray.  I thought that that was a cool little thing - making the packaging part of the product.

Because it was such a hot sunny day out, this dried really fast.  I was able to put a second layer of paint on it without having to sit around waiting for the first layer to dry.  Please follow the directions on the paint can.  It does say to wait 24 hours before using.  So the top/first picture was taken today.

Even though I didn't think that I got messy while painting, I really did.  Don't worry, it washes off easily.


  1. I love all the projects people come up with for chalkboard paint. Whatever did we do before we could buy it?

    Would love for you to stop by today and link up to Passion for Paint! Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. Thanks for linking up to Passion for Paint. Hope you'll stop by again with another great paint project!

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