Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Town Talk, Easter Quilt, & DI

Tonight I was a guest on a local television show called Town Talk. I went on to promote the Town Wide Clean Up and the Earth Day Fair on April 25th in Chelmsford, MA. I think that it will air tomorrow night at 8:30 pm on channel 8.

In craft news, I have been making an Easter quilt for one of my sons. I got the pattern from Quick Quilts magazine. The quilt in the magazine used mod fabrics. The pattern was good for showcasing the fabric, so that is why I chose it for the Easter quilt.

Last Saturday was the DestiNation Imagination regional tournament. I was an Instant Challenge appraiser. It was fun. Next time I'll wear sneakers, because my feet were killing me. I can't talk about any details, because the Instant Challenges are a secret until after the national tournament. An Instant Challenge is a challenge that is given to the team on the spot. Only the team, their manager, and the appraisers know about it. If anyone else knew about it, it could give an unfair advantage to another team if they get that same challenge. I will post a picture of my hat later though.

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